Arriva to accept electronic invoicing only


Arriva to accept electronic invoicing only

Information to suppliers of Arriva Sverige AB, Arriva Tåg AB and Arriva Östgötapendeln AB


Arriva to accept electronic invoicing only 

At the moment Arriva is accepting e-invoices, which contributes to a more effective, secure and environmentally friendly process for both suppliers and customer. E-invoices are also conditioned to our suppliers in all Arriva’s tender processes. Arriva has now started a process to to successively only accept e-invoices. For suppliers that means that you should be sending e-invoices at July 1st 2016 at the latest.Arriva has chosen to collaborate with Svefaktura, which is the standard for e-invoices in Sweden. Please note that it is Svefaktura that is required and not invoices via email or PDF.

Suppliers can easily register for e-invoices via for example InExchange Web. Arriva offers manual registration of 100 invoices annually free of charge at InExchange.


• Getting started with e-invoices takes no more than 15 minutes
• Same invoicing solution can be used on all customers
• Environmentally friendly

Those suppliers seeking contact with InExchange Web please call +46 (0)500 – 44 63 60. If you already have a n e-invoice service please contact your existing operator.

Arriva companies
Arriva Sverige AB GLN / EAN 5790002188947 – Org. Nr. 556351-9437
Arriva Tåg AB GLN / EAN 5790002188954 – Org. Nr. 556691-7471
Arriva Östgötapendeln AB GLN / EAN 5790002188930 Org. Nr. 556628-6547


Information to suppliers of Botniatåg AB 

Botniatåg uses electronic invoicing and all invoices should therefore be sent electronically to Botniatåg.

Suppliers that do not have their own systems for electronic invoicing can get assistance from Sproom. Sproom is free of charge and does not require subscription. Sproom can also be integrated into the company’s own ERP system if the system is able to generate e-invoices. You find more information on how to get started at

Please note that all invoices must include the right GLN or EAN number (as shown below) and the order number or reference supplied by your contact at Arriva. All invoices must be sent in the format of Svefaktura.

Botniatåg AB GLN/EAN 5790002188961 – Reg. No. SE5568011828


For more information on e-invoices please contact: